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We have developed an aglucidic nutritional therapy (TNA-PSORIASI) capable of drastically reducing the thickness of visceral fat and insulin resistance with consequent decrease in the production of inflammatory substances

The therapeutic protocol for the treatment of psoriasis, which we formulated and tested on our patients at the Moscati Hospital in Avellino, has proven to be a valid alternative to the use of traditional drugs (mainly immunosuppressants) and biological drugs (target molecules that block directly the single cytokine already produced), currently envisaged as the curative approach from the official guidelines. It is now known that psoriasis is not a disease confined to the skin only, but is often associated with comorbidities that make it a “complex syndrome”

According to the National Psoriasis Foundation (2009) of psoriatic patients:

  • 70% are obese
  • 33% are hypertensive
  • 28% manifest other inflammatory diseases (e.g. M. di Crohn)
  • 24% have hypercholesterolaemia
  • 11% are diabetic
  • 1/3 develops PSORIASIC ARTHRITIS.

As supported by several papers, there is a close correlation between body fat and the production of inflammatory cytokines by the adipocytes that feed the inflammation underlying the psoriatic disease. The use of a specific and adequately formulated therapeutic protocol for psoriasis therefore allows the production of cytokines to be stopped.