45-year-old woman
“Doctor, let me thank you for making me eat even though I was on a diet! In fact, as you advised me, I didn’t have to lose that many pounds, I just had to follow a healthier eating path than all the mistakes I made before at the table and get moving; I actually started running in the park near my house every day and I actually feel much, much better! With this 4kg less I’m fine and I’m even back in clothes I haven’t worn in a long time and… you know what? I posponed my facelift at 50: this collagen supplement diet also gave my face firmness! My cousin, my friends, my colleagues are amazed to see my face deflated and without dark circles and with glowing skin; they don’t think it’s all about your diet! Therefore, I am very happy and from now on I will follow every medical prescription from you to the letter. I’m actually looking forward to the maintenance phase!”


a 24-year-old young woman, a student of Modern Literature
“Doctor, you are a wizard. You told me the exams would go better and they did. I got 30 in the last two exams and now I just need my thesis”.


a 40-year-old woman
“If it was so easy, why did I have to suffer all these years without any improvement? Why didn’t anyone ever tell me anything?”


46 years old, entrepreneur in the agricultural sector
“Thank you, thank you, thank you Prof. Castaldo. I’m sorry I didn’t meet you sooner. I would have spared 10 years of suffering”.


a 37-year-old young woman, lover of art, especially painting and riding.
“Doctor, I finally got my palette and brushes back in my hand without any pain.”
“If they asked me to make such a sacrifice again, I would do it again without hesitation, because it was worth it!”


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help! I never thought I would see my muscles again. You changed my life!! I don’t know if you realize the effect you have on your patients, but you bring immense joy to our lives. Congratulations!!


“Doctor, my dancing heart has stopped beating wildly in these 60 days. No tachycardia spikes and no pulsations and even cholesterol is back in the right range. The tests are perfect and I feel better than ever! The joy of living has returned to me, and most of all, this regime has given me the will to lose the remaining 10 kg that I still have to dispose of in order to return to the way I was when I was young. So far, I’m halfway there and no one is going to stop me from achieving that result I’ve been dreaming of every night for so many years. I want to go back to being the Lucia that had faded away and sunk behind the fat that suffocated even my heart.”


“I’ve always hated diets; or rather, I had tried them all, really all of them (putting my health at serious risk) and the only result I got was that I didn’t get any results! Maybe I lost 3-4kg after a month and a half of sacrifices, but then I started eating again, gaining even more weight. I was looking in the mirror and I didn’t like myself, but despite that, nothing would hurt me to eat another packet of croissants or devour half a loaf of bread with sausages in the evening, every night. One ice cream leads to another, a pizza with friends… anyway, on Monday I start a diet – I told myself – and, instead, I really had become a barrel. I didn’t feel good about myself, I didn’t feel comfortable in jeans (when I could find them in my size!), I walked down the street with a hunch because I was ashamed of myself, I had a swollen face, three/four rolls of soft fat on my belly that didn’t  made me feel downright sexy. Not a woman at all, not at peace with myself. Then one day a friend told me about Doctor Castaldo and the remarkable weight loss effects of his diet. “Look, in about a month – Giulia told me – the doctor is able to make you lose a lot of weight. Why don’t you make an appointment with him?” After all, after years of acupuncture, mesotherapy, hundreds of euros wasted on slimming creams, beauty salons, gyms never visited, visits from so-called miracle weight loss nutritionists, etc… what was I missing by not trying another diet ? And then I had Giulia under my eyes: she had really lost a lot of weight and, above all, she had literally changed her face, with a liveliness never seen before in the 20 years I’ve known her! Well, I remember that the appointment with Dr. Castaldo was scheduled for January 9th. Obviously, in the previous days I ate everything I had at home: even the remains of the Befana sock and that same morning I had a sumptuous breakfast complete with a chocolate croissant at the bar. The gluttony that has always affected my life and self-esteem and that, thanks to Dr. Castaldo, I have forgotten, no longer associating food with consolation and satisfaction but only with my physical well-being. Dr. Castaldo prescribed two cycles of the Oloproteic Diet and I still remember today, as a fundamental step in my life, when, in the second stage of the Method, in just 30 days of the Oloproteic Diet, I went from 63 kg at 57 kg. ! Fifty-seven pounds of pure beauty! I had muscles and not fat on me! I had very thin legs, a flat stomach, a toned bottom, a face with sculpted cheekbones… I had become a different person in 3 weeks! I still keep the photos of those days: with me who, for the first time in my life, was reborn. From that moment on, I experience food as a benevolent and not malevolent manipulator of my body. I know what to eat, what makes me feel good, what makes me happy: I recommend everyone to try this diet. Deprivations, temptations disappear after a few days, eliminating the desire to transgress. There is a real transformation of one’s body that absolutely cannot be boycotted by various snacks and fats. Loving each other! The Oloproteic Diet can really make a difference in your existence from being fat or overweight. It doesn’t take long and it will transform you into the person you always wanted to be! Thank you Dr. Castaldo!”


a 45-year-old woman employed in a multinational company
“Thank you Professor Castaldo, I will be forever grateful!
A true miracle. Now I walk down the stairs like a 20-year-old with no pain. It gave me back the joy of living. All of this is wonderful to me.”


a woman of about 40, literature teacher.
“Mr. Doctor, thank you not only for the weight loss, but also for the fact that my legs have become thin like when I was in my 20s!”.