Oloproteic Diet Virtual Clinic

The final evolution of the OLOPROTEIC DIET nutritional and therapeutic method is the creation of a Virtual Nutritional Clinic under the medical direction of Prof. Castaldo, assisted by Dr. Andreea Popa and Prof. Luca Rastrelli: OLOPROTEIC DIET VIRTUAL CLINIC.

The virtual clinic was set up with the help of a multilingual computer platform with which Director Castaldo, assisted by dozens of nutritionists trained in his method, visits patients all over the world.

The patient is guided manually and fills in detail family and personal history, dietary, physiological and pathological history and nutritional parameter sheets, attaches analyses, electrocardiograms, ultrasound scans and various consultations, lists in detail any medications he is taking, thus generating a series of alerts that lead to the prescription of safe, personalized and certified dietary protocols, the patient being carefully monitored by Prof. Castaldo and by a responsible nutritionist at all stages, with constant nutritional advice via messaging and a dedicated app.